20 December 2020

A strong end of the year

NMV Group is running stronger than ever. We are pleased to announce that we sold a SH60 Slag Hauler to Pentti Hämeenaho Oy in December, a contractor for SSAB Raahe in Finland. It’s the second SH60 delivered to Pentti Hämeenaho Oy, which shows customer satisfaction and trust.

Raahe, Brahestad in Swedish, is located on the Bottenvik coast in Ostrobothnia, opposite Skellefteå. There, SSAB employs 2,600 people and runs its own vocational institute. The focus is steel production in heavy and thin sheets, and the steel plant is huge: about 500 hectares with 40 km of roads, more than 30 km of railway tracks with their own trains and drivers, as well their own port where about 600 ships visit each year.

The sale of the SH60 Slag Hauler to SSAB Raahe constitutes our third slag truck order in a short period of time. Together with our subsidiary Kiruna Utility Vehicles, we have really brought the production of specialised vehicles for steel and smelters back home to Norrbotten. NMV Group is thus not only a strong supplier to the mining industry, but equips and serves the entire chain up to steel production. We build the Slag Hauler SH60 from scratch with our own drawings. The vehicle is large and involves all departments within the NMV Group.

Another order on the vehicle side that is currently keeping us busy is the production of three low-profile concrete mixer trucks headed for Malmberget, two explosives charging vehicles for LKAB Kiruna and one of the same to LKAB Malmberget. There is a great interest in our specialized vehicles, which makes us very happy during these uncertain times.

In addition, NMV in Luleå and NMV in Piteå are both doing well. NMV in Luleå are very busy, especially with one of their largest clients, Valutec – the specialist in wood dryers with operations in Skellefteå.

NMV in Piteå has a lot of customers in the processing industry by the coast, and the company is also an important resource for NMV in Kiruna. Every company in the group is working hard and will have a lot of work for some time. Without our talented coworkers who contribute to the positive NMV spirit, the situation would at times been difficult to handle. We are always looking for coworkers within welding, machinery, hydraulics and for our vehicle department. We welcome you to submit an application via our website.

Despite it being a good year in terms of orders, we are looking forward to leaving 2020 behind us and hope for a quick normalisation of the world’s situation. This year, NMV in Kiruna chooses to support local business by giving all local employees a gift card via Stadsliv Kiruna as a Christmas present.

We wish all customers, partners and current and former coworkers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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