The Company NMV Group

Over the past 70 years, NMV has developed into a versatile and innovative workshop company with a focus on the production of heavy steel and sheet metal constructions. Our highly educated and experienced personnel have the utmost competence to carry out advanced workshop tasks, which means that we can offer customer-fit and cost-efficient solutions for local and global markets.

NMV started out small, always working professionally, and never forgetting our humble beginnings. We have successfully expanded for over half a decade, keeping our sights high, while making sure we have both feet on the ground. The mix of small scale and large scale customers makes our line of business dynamic and always interesting.

NMV Group is acclaimed for its high competence in practically every type of mechanical workshop specialisation: welding, turning, milling, sanding etc. The personnel at your service are highly qualified and experienced, enabling them to perform advanced workshop tasks such as licensed welding on pressure tanks.

The majority of our production is subcontracting, consulting assignments, service and repairs. Among our own products are the well-known Kirunabulten (The Kiruna Bolt), containers, mortal crushers, blasting vehicles for explosives, tombolas, water cannons and more.

We have a long history of specialised, customer-fit, construction work of a mechanical-technical character. Don’t hesitate, contact us and we will be happy to work with you on finding a solution.