Our Environmental Policy

1. Environmental Policy

To as great an extent as possible, we actively work towards doing business with products and raw materials that have an environmental certificate. In the processes involving chemicals, oils and other substances that have an environmental impact, we follow current directions and regulations concerning handling, collecting and disposal.

We are to be a modern and conscious company and in all parts of our operations follow current laws and relevant demands.

Responsibility lies with the company management, but also with the individuals. We carry out our work in the understanding that environmental consideration is a part of our daily life. Our overall attitude is simple and can be formulated as follows:

NMV Group and everyone within the operations shall do our part for the industry’s environmental work.

2. Environmental impact

The following processes within the company have been identified as important to consider and develop from an environmental point of view:

– Energy consumption (heating and production)

– Handling of chemicals and oils

– Transportation, personal and goods

– Purchase of expendable items

3. Environmental goals

To actively improve within all processes identified as important from an environmental point of view. To sustain good and updated knowledge on current regulations.

4. Plan of action

Every 12 months we carry out measurements and evaluations of our energy consumption and of the environmental awareness of our suppliers. Ongoing construction work and re-building is carried out with a strong focus on reduced energy consumption. For the sake of our personnel’s work environment, and our long-term environmental impact, we maintain the necessary knowledge and equipment for the correct handling of chemicals and oils.