Hose Feeder GEN III

Our proprietary hose feeder for mining applications is designed for pump charging of mainly upward drill holes, but can also be used for cleaning drill holes when equipped with a drill hammer and water cannon.

During product development work, we have taken into account the many safety aspects that concern rock work and the charging of explosives. For example, the risk of overheating has been minimised. The hose feeder is also designed for reduced noise, which provides a better and safer working environment.

Unlike its predecessors, our new hose feeder is based on wheel feeding instead of chain feeding, resulting in a consistent and powerful feed that is gentle on the expensive hose. The wheels also last longer than chains, which contributes to even lower operating costs.

With its high precision, our hose feeder can also be used to insert measuring probes for hole measurement.

GEN III benefits at a glance:

  • Lower friction heat without sliding parts.
  • Lower noise levels.
  • Faster and more precise positioning thanks to low weight.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements due to fewer moving and sliding parts.
  • Modularised construction.
  • High feed force.

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Jerry Andersson

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