9 December 2020

NMV Group – A supplier at the heart of the action

These are exciting times for northern Sweden. LKAB’s billion-level investment in Malmfälten is one of the largest in Swedish history. In Skellefteå, production will begin at Europe’s largest battery factory next year.

Since 1947, NMV Group has been operating at the center of events, close to the industries of northern Sweden. Today, we have staff, manufacturing and warehousing in Kiruna, Luleå and Piteå. From these locations, we are able to quickly reach heavy industries on the entire cap of the north.

Last year’s challenges have once again made traditional issues within spare parts supply a hot topic. Where should the spare parts warehouse be located and how quickly should the parts be at hand? Should replaced parts be discarded, repaired or refurbished?

We know that a reliable operation requires maintenance and for maintenance to be effective, you need a working supply of spare parts. Close access to suitable spare parts and knowledgeable staff prevents and shortens downtime. With over 70 years of experience in heavy industry, we know the requirements of a functioning system, during times of both prosperity and crisis.

Get in touch and let us create a long-term plan that will keep your business going.

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