4 April 2014

Blasting Vehicle for open pit mining delivered to LKAB Kimit

NMV has recently  delivered a new Blasting Vehicle for open pit mining with a remote-controlled hose feed to LKAB Kimit.

The remote-controlled hose feed system was developed by the NMV’s department for special vehicles in collaboration with MM Elmek & Service and in consultation with the client, LKAB Kimit. In addition to the new remote control function the Blasting Vehicle also has an increased charging capacity of 200 kg finished explosive per minute, which is twice as fast as previously.

The vehicle is built on a Volvo FMX chassis and has a specially developed hose feed system mounted on a remote-controlled crane. The new solution means a major relief for the charging staff who would normally have to handle the hose manually and feed it into the boreholes. Remote control is carried out from a mobile control panel.

The Blasting Vehicle’s explosives tank holds 16 200 litres which is equivalent of 19 tonnes of explosives. To ensure safe handling the vehicle has separate tanks for the various components of the explosive. The contents of the tanks are mixed together in the specially designed mixer housing and the explosive is sensitised only when the emulsion and the gassing solution are mixed during the pumping process. Consequently, they do not form a complete explosive until on their way into the borehole. The newly developed Blasting Vehicle for open pit mining charges 200 kg of complete explosives per minute.

The vehicle will be used at LKAB’s open pit mine in Svappavaara.



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