15 December 2015

Classic Kiruna Truck vehicle has returned to its hometown

Production of long-established Kiruna Truck vehicle has returned to hometown, for the first time in over 15 years

During the autumn Kiruna Utility Vehicles, a company within the NMV Company Group, has been building an SH60 Slag Hauler – an internationally acclaimed slag pot truck that was originally developed by Kiruna Truck and whose production has now been brought back home.

In 2012, Kiruna-based NMV took over GIA’s production of vehicles for steelworks and smelters under the company name Kiruna Utility Vehicles. The vehicle production was originally developed in Kiruna in the 1970s and 80s by the company Kiruna Truck, which achieved great international success with its products. When Kiruna Truck was sold to GIA in 1998 the production was relocated, but now, 15 years later, the circle is complete as the SH60 is yet again produced in its northern hometown.

The construction of the new truck, which began this past spring, has now been completed and Kiruna Utility Vehicles will deliver the SH60 to the Finnish transport and industrial services company Pentti Hämeenaho Oy before the end of the year.

The SH60 is designed for steelworks and “60” stands for load capacity; the truck’s powerful hydraulic system, designed by the Nordic company PMC Hydraulics, is capable of lifting and tipping a 60-tonne slag pot.

“We are incredibly proud that our new product portfolio is now underway in earnest and that everyone involved in the project has delivered above expectations,” said Kenth Mukka, CEO at Kiruna Utility Vehicles.

Although the truck is based on a long-proven design derived from the Kiruna Truck era, adaptations must constantly be made to meet the conditions of the modern industry. For example, the new truck is equipped with the latest in a series of ever more efficient and environmentally friendly engines from Scania, a Stage IV engine.

“Since the takeover in 2012, we have trimmed the entire organisation for both spare parts and production, and now finally we have the opportunity to prove our worth with the delivery of this truck,” said Niklas Pääjärvi, Business Manager at NMV Group.

The SH60 is a durable workhorse; many of the trucks that are in service around the world today have clocked more than 40,000 hours and are still going strong.

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