8 November 2017
Volymax box body for Volkswagen from Berco's product range.

A rewarding cooperation for efficient development and manufacture of truck bodies

NMV Luleå manufactures all frame rails and rear frames for Berco’s bodies for light vehicles. In the case of bespoke vehicle bodies, NMV Luleå also manufactures other parts for Berco.

Skellefteå company Berco is one of Sweden’s larger and more experienced manufacturers of truck bodies for light and heavy vehicles. The company was started in the 1960s as the car workshop Bil & Plåt AB but its focus shifted after a while towards the manufacture of bodies for delivery vehicles, trailers, and small and large trucks.

The cooperation between NMV Luleå and Berco has been ongoing for many years and has deepened in recent years, says Robert Gustafsson, who is Production Manager at NMV Luleå and in charge of deliveries to Berco.

Rear frames ready for delivery in NMV Luleå’s workshop.

Rear frames ready for delivery in NMV Luleå’s workshop.


The two companies often brainstorm ideas, especially when a customer has ordered a bespoke vehicle body. Then there will be frequent discussions about possible solutions and how they compare from a product perspective and in terms of cost-effectiveness.

“Our focus is to help Berco maintain an even-flow production. Even under time constraints we are usually able to find good solutions. I think that is an important success factor in our cooperation,” said Robert.

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