Welcome to NMV in Piteå

We are a complete and flexible mechanical workshop with broad expertise and excellent technical resources. Among our main services are engineering, project management, sheet metal working and service and maintenance.

In our metal workshop we manufacture large and small objects, designed by customer or by our engineers. In our modern machine workshop we manufacture and repair mechanical components. Thanks to our fully equipped service containers, we can also deliver effective maintenance services at our customer or out in the work field.

We also have expertise in hydraulics, mobile processing (such as boring), laser alignment with OPTALIGN® smart, engineering of special vehicles and crane maintenance etc.

In 2011, we became a part of the NMV Group and changed our name from Vattenfall Services Nordic to NMV in Piteå. Cooperations within the company group NMV Group represents a valuable network of competences and suppliers. In recent years we have grown from 14 to about 40 employees.

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Workshop Specification
Machine and assembly hall 2500 square metres
Machine Specification
Lathe Profilia 8 m swing over bed 1000 mm
Lathe Safop 4 m swing over bed 600 mm
Lathe Poreba 2.5 m
Lathe Storebro 1 m
Lathe Mori Seiki
Lathe Kern Teach In
Lathe Hitachi Seiki
Bed type milling Correa A10 table X1250Y700 Z700
Bed type milling Correa A30/40 table X4000Y1200Z1000
Mobile Boring Y1600 Z1625 milling around 3800 mm
Magnetic table 400x4000 mm
Cutting machine Cutting measurements 4000x7000 mm
Rolling machine Max 19 mm in width 3000, D=2500, max 27 mm in width 1000, D=2500
Rolling machine Max PLS 125 * 20 edgeways, max IPE 120 D=3500 edgeways, max IPE 240 D=1800 horizontal
Edging press 650 tonnes, max length 6000 mm
Shears T=16 mm, width 3 m
Multi-operations machine Okuma MX45VAE Z 400mm, X 700mm, Y 700mm
Multi-operations machine Hitachi Seiki HG400 Z 450mm, X 600m, Y 700mm
Pär Fahlman

CEO NMV Piteå Pär Fahlman
Tel. +46 (0)911 25 75 51
Mob. +46 (0)70 694 37 96
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Jan Risberg

Production Manager Jan Risberg
Tel. +46 (0)911 25 75 52
Mob. +46 (0)70 879 70 86
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Peter Lundström

Calculation & Manufacturing Peter Lundström
Tel. +46 (0)911 25 75 55
Mob. +46 (0)72 241 57 96
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David Hurtig

Production Manager David Hurtig
Mob. +46(0)72 543 18 91
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Carl Sundström

NMV Industrial Doors Carl Sundström
Mob. +46 (0)70 543 45 84
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Johan Fahlman

NMV Industrial Doors Johan Fahlman
Mob. +46 (0)70 543 45 01
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Karin Wiksten

Administrator Karin Wiksten
Tel. +46 (0)911 25 75 50
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Madelaine Blombäck

Finance & Administration Madelaine Blombäck
Tel. +46 (0)911 25 75 62
Mob. +46 (0)72 543 18 90
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