27 April 2010

Bench-blasting charging vehicles when LKAB opens new iron ore mines

During spring 2010, by assignment from LKAB’s daughter company KIMIT AB, Nybergs Mekaniska will be building a charging vehicle for bench blasting of downward vertical drill holes.


The production of the new charging vehicle gets underway as LKAB plans to open three new mines to the southeast, in the neighboring Svappavaara area. For the first time in over 50 years, LKAB will be opening a new iron-ore mine, being the first open-pit mine since the 1980’s. The three deposits in Gruvberget, Leveäniemi and Mertainen hold together about 300 million tons of iron ore. Learn more about the project on LKAB’s website.

The construction behind the new charging vehicle is a tried and trusted solution and the goal is to additionally optimize the system together with the buyer KIMIT AB.

As usual, efficiency and safety are the focus of the construction work. The charging vehicle, to be used in open-pit mining, will load about 15 tons of emulsion and additives. As a safety precaution, these additives and blended during the pumping process and therefore do not build a complete blasting substance until they are well on their way down the drill hole.

Another safety detail is the charge vehicle’s emulsion tank made of aluminum. In the event of a fire, the tank deforms so that openings are formed. In this way, the probability of an explosion decreases considerably, due to avoiding exposing the emulsion to the critical combination of high temperature and pressure.

The carrier is a Volvo FH 13 8×4.

”All vehicle development is steered by specific demands. This project doesn’t contain the challenge of long transport distances or underground limits, which is why we can place all focus on operation safety and quality”, says constructor and project manager Kenth Mukka.

“The close cooperation with Nyberg Mekaniska gives us the conditions to follow the project close up. It will also be easier to follow-up and get feed-back for developing future versions of charging vehicles”, says Anna-Karin Mäki-Ylivainio, Project manager at KIMIT AB. KIMIT AB is one of Sweden’s leading companies within explosives and explosive techniques.

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