17 April 2020
SH60 can be delivered with a slag pot, as a complete solution for effective handling of molten slag.

Slag Hauler SH60 – A new take on a proven concept

It has been almost a year since Kiruna Utility Vehicles, a subsidiary of NMV Group, delivered the latest version of its SH60 slag truck, equipped with a brand-new cabin, to Boliden’s smelter in Harjavalta, Finland.

“Evaluations carried out together with the customer show that the truck is performing well and that the staff is very satisfied with the driving environment,” says Niklas Pääjärvi, Business Manager and co-owner of NMV Group.

Throughout the development of the new cabin for the latest generation of the SH60, the operator experience has been at the center. The cabin offers a best-in-class comfortable working environment, both ergonomically and operationally. Using modern suspension technology, the driving experience is soft and refined, while excellent sound insulation and air conditioning reduce operator strain during work shifts. In addition to improvements in comfort, the new cabin is spacious and offers excellent visibility thanks to its large glass windows. This, combined with the dual displays, provides the operator maximum awareness of the work being carried out and the functioning of the truck. The integrated multifunctional joystick moves with the operator when the seat is swiveled 180 degrees for handling the slag pot.

Slag Hauler SH60 is manufactured by NMV Group’s subsidiary Kiruna Utility Vehicles, which is specialized in vehicles for steelworks and smelters.


The dual displays offer an intuitive operator interface and assist both with driving the truck and operating the slag pot. The displays only show information relevant for the current operation of the truck and alarm signals received from the system.

The control system is a CAN bus system that consists of four subsystems, improving serviceability. The entire solution is based on the SAE J1939 protocol.

Other advantages of the new cabin are the passenger seat, which simplifies training of new operators, and the expanded storage possibilities. A slag truck of this model is often used for about 30 years, so the cabin interior has been modularized to facilitate updates, adaptations and maintenance.

“We are very pleased with the steps we have taken during the development of the SH60 and are happy to be able to show the truck and its many advantages in a new product film,” concludes Niklas Pääjärvi.

Kiruna Utility Vehicles
Kiruna Utility Vehicles is a subsidiary of NMV Group and specializes in the development and production of vehicles for steel mills and smelters. The company cooperates closely with NMV Utility Vehicles, which focuses on vehicles for the processing and mining industry. Together, the two companies can build nearly any utility vehicle. By working with sister company Kiruna Wagon, the company also has the required competencies to build tracked utility vehicles.

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