3 April 2020
Long-term investments in development and automation has resulted in new rock bolt customers for NMV Group.

NMX Rock Bolts reach new markets

NMV Group has delivered rock bolts to a number of new customers during the past quarter, thereby expanding our geographical supply area for this product category. The deliveries include both the NMX Dynamic and the NMX Static rock bolts.

 We are proud that our long-term work with product development, quality and automation have resulted in a competitive rock bolt family that is appreciated by our customers.

Thanks to our Swedish and Nordic material suppliers, we maintain the highest quality of steel in our products. Our manufacturing facilities in Kiruna and Piteå give us proximity and production flexibility, in combination with short lead times. In addition, we have the opportunity to keep a nearby buffer stock for our customers.

Per Fahlman, CEO of NMV Piteå, and Gustav Lövgren in the automated manufacturing plant for NMX Dynamic rock bolts.


Our product range includes a number of different bolts, all of which are compatible with both concrete and resin. Our two main bolt types are the dynamic and the static bolt; the function sleeve of NMX Dynamic allows the steel to stretch without causing the concrete or resin to crack. Our static rebar bolt, NMX Static, also known as the Kiruna Bolt, is used where rock stresses are lower.

Our new dynamic bolt, NMX Dynamic 2.0, has a sleeve that extends all the way to the threaded part of the bolt, which is thicker than the rest of the rebar. This design increases the dynamic properties of the bolt and ensures the stress-relieving function of the washer on the outer rock mass.

From left: NMX Dynamic 2.0, NMX Dynamic and NMX Static.


NMV Group’s background is in product development for the mining industry, but we also look forward to collaborating with projects in rockwork and tunnelling, in major infrastructure projects in the Nordic region.

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