22 May 2019

NMV Group to Supply Low-Profile Concrete Mixer Trucks to Ireland

NMV Group has signed a contract for delivery of two low-profile concrete mixer trucks, to be delivered to Boliden’s zinc mine in Ireland.

After several decades of developing and adapting vehicles to the challenging mining environment of the Malmfälten ore fields in the Arctic climate of Kiruna, today the NMV Group is positioned as a leader in special vehicles for tunnel work. Our low profile vehicles and mixers are among the best on the market.

“This contract once again confirms how appreciated our products are on the international market. The NMV Group has a long tradition of vehicle production, and our dedicated co-workers continue our innovative tradition and spirit,” says Mikael Pudas, CEO at NMV Group.

One example of a customised solution is equipping concrete trucks with an extra supporting leg, which helps to support the vehicle in steep inclinations – similar to the supporting legs used by tow trucks.

Additional operational benefits provided by NMV Group low profile concrete mixer trucks:

  • Low profile (max. height 3.20 m in larger models) makes this vehicle suitable for narrow spaces.
  • The concrete mixer’s long life-span means economic benefits.
  • The discharge chutes are tailor-made according to customer requirements.
  • An easy-to-use shutter oil tank on a trailer with a reel that reaches around the entire vehicle.
  • Electrically heated enclosed tanks for accelerators or decelerators.
  • Smart ladders and work surfaces to improve work environment safety.

Additionally, each vehicle is uniquely customised according to the customer’s requirements.

“We feel honoured and proud that more people are discovering the vehicle production traditions of Malmfälten, preserved and developed by NMV Group,” Mikael Pudas adds.

Learn more about the mixer truck on the product page. Watch our product video on our YouTube channel.

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