12 February 2020
NMVs slangmatare.

High Order Volumes at Our Branch for Mining Vehicles

A strong start to the year on our branch for mining vehicles and right now we have a backlog of 30 million SEK. It consists of a larger amount of various special vehicles mainly for mining but also for other industries. The orders include low built concrete trucks, explosives charging vehicles, tank trucks, and light specially equipped vehicles such as pickups and vans.

The explosives charging vehicles are so called uphole explosives charging vehicles that are equipped with NMV’s proprietary Hose Feeder generation 3 with its unique benefits such as lower noise levels and higher safety regarding both fire and collapse.

Our hose feeder has now been on the market for 6 years and the results are good. It is really fun that we now also receive inquiries from companies within Excavation and Tunneling from other parts of the world, says Jerry Andersson, Site Manager at NMV Specialfordon

In particular the development of the safety for the operators has been very important for vehicles specialized in mining and explosives management. Something that is increasingly demanded by clients in other markets.


Thanks to LKAB’s high standards, we have been able to build a solid knowledge of safe utility vehicles for the mining and tunneling industry. Nowadays, we even have clients beyond Malmfälten (a mining area in Kiruna and Gällivare). Something that we can see is increasing more and more. Among other things, there are actors in other industries that needs low built special vehicles with high safety and sustainable work environment for the personnel, Jerry concludes.

Jerry Andersson have their hands full on our branch for special vehicles, where we do everything from special trucks to equipping pickups and vans as partner to the car equipment expert, System Edström.



NMV Specialfordon is a branch within the NMV Group, which has manufacturing workshops in Kiruna, Luleå and Piteå. NMV Group also owns Kiruna Utility Vehicles which exports heavy lifts for steelworks and smelters.


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