12 November 2015
NMX Dynamic

NMV’s renowned rock bolts NMX and NMX Dynamics back in NMV’s control

The sales and development of NMV’s NMX rock bolts has been in the hands of an external partner for four years. However sales and product development is again back in NMV’s control since autumn 2015.

For more than 40 years, NMV has manufactured NMX rock bolts (also called Kirunabulten), which are a rock reinforcement bolt offering unique features. In recent years, investments have been made to, for instance, put in place an automatic manufacturing line in NMV’s workshop in Piteå. This endeavour has created six to eight new jobs and locating manufacturing in Piteå is a strategic decision to share the work across the Group and optimise capacity in the locations NMV operates. At the same time, Piteå is well positioned in terms of future logistics when the company aims to sell NMX rock bolts globally.

– Everyone benefits greatly when the companies within the NMV Group utilise each other’s strengths and capacity. When we decided to develop NMV and set up business in several locations, it is this sort of work sharing we had in mind, says Niklas Pääjärvi, Business Manager at NMV.

In the coming five years, further investments will be made to develop the products and comply with the modern and high-tech mining industry’s quality and safety demands.

Contact Sales and Information NMV Rock Bolts:

Viktor Mäkelä
Tel. +46 980-26 89 80
Mob. +46 76-322 45 28
E-mail: viktor@nybergsmek.se

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