Rock bolts and other rock equipment

As a supplier to LKAB since 1947, we have developed several rock products.

In addition to the proven and popular rock bolt NMX we have several products specifically designed for use in mining operations, mostly underground.

Among our mining products, you find the NMX Rock Bolt, also known as the “Kiruna Bolt”. The rock bolt is described as the link between efficiency and safety – the two foundations of modern industry.

The NMX Rock Bolt is a proven solution, which thanks to its unique time and cost-saving qualities has been used in underground mines for over 40 years. Among our products is also the expandable NMX Dynamic. Rocks and processes vary, which is why we strive to provide a diverse selection of rock bolts with more specific qualities and fields of application.

Viktor Mäkelä

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Mortar Crushers NMK

For research and quality evaluation of mineral materials.

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A proven solution used in LKAB’s underground mines for over 40 years.

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NMX Dynamic

NMX Dynamic has the ability to deform and thereby absorb energy.

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