With more than 70 years of experience designing products for the mining industry, NMV Group has developed a unique and specialised expertise in the field.

Our product range for mining and tunnelling and the processing industry includes a large selection of mining vehicles, utility vehicles and equipment such an in-house developed hose feeder, cranes and baskets, and products from world-leading BTI Breaker Technology. We also offer customised vehicles for steelworks and smelters through Kiruna Utility Vehicles and award-winning rail freight wagons for minerals and bulk through Kiruna Wagon.

Among our well-known products for rockwork and tunnelling is the NMX Rock Bolt, also known as the “Kiruna Bolt” – a proven solution that has been in use in Sweden’s underground mines for over 30 years.

With our extensive experience, we are able to provide highly customised solutions that meet your unique requirements and make your operation as productive, safe and cost-effective as possible.

Welcome to contact us to discuss your specific needs!


Explosives Charging Vehicles

Explosives charging vehicles with remote-controlled charging for open pit and underground mining.

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Concrete Mixer Trucks & Drums

Concrete mixer trucks and drums for mining and tunnelling applications.

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Utility Vehicles

Construction of utility vehicles for the industry has become one of our leading services.

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Service Vehicles

Our service vehicles have been developed to meet the high standards of our customers.

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Hose Feeder

Our proprietary hose feeder provides lower noise levels and increased safety and efficiency.

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BTI Breaker Technology

NMV Group is a retailer for BTI Breaker Technology (BTI).

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Cranes & Baskets

Our cranes and baskets are designed for efficient and safe lifting.

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NMX Rock Bolts

Rock Bolts for mining operations including our NMX rock bolt.

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