1 December 2017
One of Valutec's energy-efficient timber kilns.

NMV Luleå manufactures in stainless steel sheet for leading supplier of timber kilns

One of NMV Luleå’s largest customers is Valutec in Skellefteå – the Nordic region’s leading supplier of timber kilns.

Valutec Group is a privately owned Swedish group based in Skellefteå and with subsidiaries in Finland, Russia and Canada. The group has the market’s broadest product range based on Swedish and Finnish know-how in timber drying. With over 4,000 delivered timber kilns, Valutec is a market leader also in Europe.

NMV Luleå manufactures components in stainless steel sheet for Valutec’s timber kilns: the frame, walls, ceilings, fan walls, door elements and many smaller components are manufactured in NMV’s workshop in Luleå.

“We have just delivered a load of components, and there are two trucks going to Russia soon,” says Johan Taavola in late October. Johan is Production Planner at NMV Luleå and responsible for ensuring that Valutec’s production is progressing according to plan.

Valutec has been one of NMV Luleå’s largest customers in the past 15 years; the production in stainless steel sheet for the Skellefteå company occupies 9-10 people on a daily basis.

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