17 May 2016
Mikael Pudas, Anita Fors, Niklas Pääjärvi.

Mikael Pudas Appointed President and CEO of NMV

The NMV Group comprises the parent company Nybergs Mekaniska Verkstad AB, based in Kiruna, and its subsidiaries and branches NMV Luleå, NMV Piteå and NMV Jokkmokk. As part of the work to become one of the strongest manufacturing industrial services companies in Norrbotten County, Mikael Pudas has been appointed new President of the parent company. Mikael Pudas will also assume the role of CEO, with the task of unifying operations for increased quality and operational efficiency.

“This is part of our strategic growth, we have for many years invested in workshops, machinery and personnel at several locations in the county and it is now time to maximise the benefits for us and our customers, through comprehensive work within the group. Mikael is exactly the right person for the task of unifying the group,” said Niklas Pääjärvi, Business Manager and co-owner at NMV.

Mikael Pudas has most recently served as HR Manager at the Mining Division at LKAB, where he also held the position of Chief Negotiator at the LKAB Group. Before that, he was Operations Manager at the engineering company KGS Mekaniska (present-day LKAB Mekaniska), a company with about 70 employees. Mikael Pudas has a background in mechanical engineering and worked closely with Nybergs Mekaniska Verkstad already back in 1995, when he was Project Manager at the KUJ-Stål consortium, which was partly owned by NMV.

“I’m honoured by the appointment and it feels great to come to a company that has both the resources and the right man in the right place, in a flat organisation,” said Mikael Pudas.

The company’s former President, Anita Fors, takes a step back but remains as co-owner with certain responsibilities.
Niklas Pääjärvi continues as Business Manager and will act as convener for the NMV Group, which includes companies such as Kiruna Utility Vehicles, Galvteknik i Norr, Dahlberg & Roos, Malmfälten and Kiruna Wagon.
NMV is a venerable company that since 1947 has provided engineering services to LKAB and other leading companies. Over the past ten years, NMV has developed into a modern engineering group with over 200 employees, and has increased its turnover from SEK 27 million (2003) to 240 million (2013). The workshops in Kiruna, Luleå, Piteå and Jokkmokk are equipped with the most modern machinery. Over the last year, the company has invested in a powerful boring machine for efficient hole-making, in a fibre laser cutting machine that is unique in its kind in the Nordic countries, and in the most advanced plasma cutting machine in Norrbotten County. The company has also invested in an on-site nitrogen plant that generates the gas for the fibre laser cutter. In addition, NMV has in the past year confirmed its commitment to the work environment, and to further meeting customer and market demands on safety, by appointing a Health and Safety Coordinator during 2014.

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