14 November 2017
The bell tower in its new location, next to Kiruna's new town hall Kristallen.

Kiruna’s bell tower restored to top condition by NMV Kiruna

Kiruna town hall’s 26-metre high bell tower has during the autumn undergone restoration work by NMV Kiruna.

The restoration work included the tower construction and the bells and was carried out in cooperation with LKAB Mekaniska that carried out blasting and painting. The bell tower’s clockwork and percussions were renovated by Westerstrand Urfabrik.

During the restoration work, NMV’s staff had the chance to closely study the famous artwork that has long been synonymous with Kiruna’s cityscape.

“During this partially complicated renovation process we have been very careful in our efforts in order not to damage anything. The result, however, is excellent and it is exciting for us to contribute to such an important part of the old and new Kiruna,” said Leif Larsson, NMV Kiruna’s Renovation Project Manager.

The bell tower from 1963 was designed by construction engineer Konrad Hernelind and its decorations were created by Bror Marklund, who was one of Sweden’s most famous sculptors of the 20th century. Marklund’s protruding sculptures in bronze represent miners and different animals, among other things.

Together, the bell tower’s six main sections weigh 153 tonnes, the top section being the heaviest at 28.5 tonnes. The carillon’s 23 bells weigh over 8 tons in total and engraved on the inside of the seven largest bells are specially written poems by author Björn-Erik Höijer.

The famous bell tower is given a central spot in the new Kiruna.

The famous bell tower is given a central spot also in the new Kiruna.


After the restoration work was completed, the bell tower was transported to its new home next to Kiruna’s future town hall, Kristallen, where it was mounted piece by piece on a 7-metre high concrete foundation. As the tower will now be on a lower level where it can benefit from good lighting, its details will become more accessible and visible to the public.

In December, the tower is expected to be completed and eventually the carillon will be heard again over Kiruna!

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